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Vintage Clothing Trends from your Favourite Movies & TV Shows

Want to look like your favourite TV or movie character? Here’s why you should visit Vibn Vintage clothing store to find these iconic looks!

Although the best outfits and fashion trends come from our favourite TV shows and movies, finding these pieces in clothing stores can be tricky. Luckily, vintage clothing stores like Vibn Vintage always have a collection of awesome clothing pieces from the past.

If you’re wanting to dress like your favourite stars, check out these fashion trends that you can find at your favourite vintage clothing stores.

That ‘70s Show

Thats 70s show friends in vintage clothing 
If your parents couldn’t convince you that the 70s were a cool time to grow up in, then ‘That 70s Show’ definitely did. While Point Place, Wisconsin might not be the trendiest place in the world, it did take us back to the glory days of flair jeans, rock band t-shirts, and all things disco!

While some fashion retailers are trying to relive the glory days, they’ll never truly copy the absurdly tight denim and retro patterns that made the 70s so iconic. Fortunately, the best clothes from the 70s can still be found at vintage clothing stores all over. Don’t be jealous of the 70s, instead make others jealous by rocking authentic 70s outfits by finding classic pieces at your favourite thrift stores.


Grease cast walking through carnival fair
Looking for some Grease Lighting to add to your wardrobe? Who isn’t? Leather jackets, slicked-back hair, and summer dresses all have a forever place in fashion thanks to Grease.

However, the 50s were a long time ago and fashion brands have a hard time copying the iconic styles found in Grease. On top of that, genuine leather jackets can cost $200 and that’s the bottom end.

But don’t worry! You might not realize this, but vintage clothing stores are full of retro leather products that include pants and jackets! Plus, the classic summer dresses found in Grease are usually overflowing at vintage clothing stores and are a fraction of the cost compared to newer clothes. 

If you’re looking for some stylish summer lovin’ , you need to head to your local vintage clothing store.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

 Friends in living room
Now, this is a story all about how you can flip your wardrobe upside down! Ok, all jokes aside, Will, Carlton, Hillary, and especially Uncle Phil had some of the most memorable outfits from the 90s. From baggy jeans to oversized colourful sweats, and Carlton's preppy looks, the outfits on this show were downright amazing!

Finding authentic knit sweaters as Will wore on the show is not an easy task. The new sweaters today aren’t as comfy, baggy, or as cool as their vintage predecessors. It’s quite unfortunate, but luckily thrift stores are a hidden treasure trove of the greatest 90s styles. Before you start dropping big bills on unrealistic look a-likes, check out your favourite vintage clothing store for these classic styles.

Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s 

 woman in black dress and pearl necklace
If the black cocktail dress industry could thank one person, it’d be Audrey Hepburn. Hepburn starring in Breakfast at Tiffany’s singlehandedly made black cocktail dresses and pearl necklaces a timeless outfit.
Although you can find black cocktail dresses at most department stores, they usually lack the elegance and craftsmanship of their vintage counterparts. That’s why the best 50s-style dresses are likely at your favourite thrift store. For an added bonus, thrift stores usually have an expansive vintage jewelry collection where you can find the perfect piece to match your evening attire.

Thelma & Louise

two women standing on car 
No two women showed us how bad-ass women’s fashion could be like Thelma & Louise did. This dynamic duo truly showed us what punk rock outfits were before they were considered cool. With roughed-up jeans, cuffed graphic tees, and accessories to match, everyone wished they were half as cool as these two.

If you’re looking for retro denim and graphic tees, you have to check out your favourite thrift stores. Today’s graphic tees don’t have the same look and feel to them, so it can be hard to replicate the look. Rather than finding a replica, try finding the real thing at a vintage clothing store.

Kurt Cobain in MTV Unplugged

man playing instrument 
Few musical performances are as memorable as Kurt Cobain’s acoustic session for MTV’s Unplugged. Now, more than 20 years later, Nirvana fans and fashion lovers are scouring the internet trying to find the famous cardigan Cobain wore during that set.

Newer cardigans just don’t match up to the style and quality of the 90s. If you’re looking to replicate Cobain’s off-the-cuff punk rock style, then you must check out a thrift store near you!

Dress like the Stars!

While many of us wish for a time machine to take us back to simpler, friendlier times, vintage clothing stores like Vibn Vintage,  let us enjoy the best outfits from past decades. Don’t waste your money trying to find inauthentic look a-likes from name-brand retailers. Check out your favourite vintage clothing store so you can look like your desired TV or movie character!

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Such a great read!!! With graphic tees and baggy jeans back in style, shopping at vintage stores is perfect to get the best items that are good quality and affordable! Can’t wait to see what Vibn has in stock for the fall season! :p

Such a great read!!! With graphic tees and baggy jeans back in style, shopping at vintage stores is perfect to get the best items that are good quality and affordable! Can’t wait to see what Vibn has in stock for the fall season! :p

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