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Why Online is the Best Way to Shop for Vintage Clothing

There’s a little secret in the thrifting community, and that is the best vintage clothes are found ONLINE! Here’s why you should check out stores like Vibn Vintage to find your next iconic look.

Why the Best Vintage Clothes are Found Online?

There are plenty of reasons why shopping for vintage clothing has become so popular. It’s fun, affordable, accessible to everyone and it's environmentally friendly. While thrift stores have enjoyed the spotlight in recent years, a new trend is taking the fashion industry by storm: online thrifting.

Online thrifting takes all the great things about thrifting and puts them on the internet so we can enjoy it from home. Rather than sorting through thousands of clothing pieces across various shops spread all over town, online thrift shops provide an easy-to-use, curated experience that makes thrifting a whole lot of fun.

While online thrifting is exciting, with so many vintage clothing websites it can be hard to know where to start. Here’s what you should know before buying vintage clothes online!

Curated Looks from the Best Brands

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One of the best parts about shopping for vintage clothing is searching around trying to find retro versions of your favourite brands. We all secretly want to copy our parent’s looks, but it can be near impossible to find retro letterman jackets from our favourite sports teams, or a one-of-a-kind Nike gear that was discontinued years ago.

Fortunately, with online thrifting you can quickly find any unique clothing piece you’re looking for. Maybe it’s a vintage Adidas tracksuit in wild colours not seen in stores for years, or a retro graphic tee that’s perfect for your wardrobe. Because online thrift stores sort through and label all their clothes, it’s way easier to find vintage pieces from popular brands.

Avoid Crowded Stores with Overflowing Inventory

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Have you ever been to a thrift store and immediately got overwhelmed? Well, join the club. Many thrift stores are a mess of overstocked inventory with little organization. Plus, once you’ve finished with one thrift store, you likely have to drive across town to the next cluttered disaster.

With online vintage clothing stores, you can leave your worries behind and your car in the driveway. Most online thrift stores like Vibn Vintage sort through all their clothes to make sure they’re clean and high quality before putting all the information on their website.

Instead of spending hours searching inside stores, online thrift stores offer an easy and enjoyable browsing experience. By shopping online, you can easily look up specific brands, colours, sizes, and styles while avoiding the typical thrift store smell (you know, like grandma’s basement).

Don’t Get Scammed By eBay and Facebook Marketplace

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Online vintage clothing stores offer a lot of conveniences, but they also offer a sense of security. Quickly browsing sites like eBay or Facebook Marketplace you can find some listings for vintage clothing pieces, especially name-brand items.

However, one of the biggest issues for online thrifting experts is avoiding scams. Scammers know how popular certain items can be and are always ready to take advantage of that.

For instance, thousands of shoppers every year search for replicas of celebrity outfits such as Kurt Cobain’s cardigan from his famous MTV unplugged session. When looking on sites like eBay for a similar cardigan, you’ll find hundreds of look-alikes and scams saying that they have the exact same cardigan. However, until you pay the sellers and receive the package, the whole thing is a gamble. 

When shoppers use trusted online thrift stores like Vibn Vintage, they can rest assured knowing that what they pay for is exactly what they’ll get. By checking social media accounts and online reviews, any shopper can easily check the authenticity of an online thrift store, unlike random sellers from Facebook. 

Rare vintage clothing pieces aren’t always cheap, so it’s nice knowing you can trust the online thrift store that you’re buying from!

Easier to Shop on a Budget

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Everyone loves shopping with a credit card but hates looking at the credit card bill. While shopping at the mall is fun, online shopping makes it easier to shop on a budget, especially when you’re shopping from online thrift stores.

When shopping online, you can mix and match different styles and pieces you want while keeping an eye on the checkout price. Since most people enjoy shopping at thrift stores because it’s cheaper, online thrifting not only saves you a few dollars but also is more convenient.

Everyone’s Favourite Online Thrift Store

man in marlboro top@odesssoul 

If you didn’t think thrifting could get any easier than you clearly haven’t been to Vibn Vintage. With new pieces coming in every day and an easy to use website, Vibn Vintage offers shoppers the ultimate thrifting experience that can be done from the comfort of your couch!

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Gauri Gupta

Gauri Gupta

Online thrifting has made shopping for vintage clothes so much easier for me!! I used to spend multiple hours going to physical thrift stores and sorting through clothes before finding a piece I loved. Shopping at Vibn has made the process so much easier and efficient!!

Online thrifting has made shopping for vintage clothes so much easier for me!! I used to spend multiple hours going to physical thrift stores and sorting through clothes before finding a piece I loved. Shopping at Vibn has made the process so much easier and efficient!!

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