Why Your Favourite Celebrities LOVE Buying Vintage Clothes

Why Your Favourite Celebrities LOVE Buying Vintage Clothes

If you’re looking to dress like your favourite celebrities, skip the luxury boutiques and check out vintage clothing stores like Vibn Vintage to find your next pop star look!

While many of us fantasize about having fat stacks of cash like many celebrities, some of our favourite stars are more frugal than we think. Despite all the perks, boutique shops, and designer clothes found all over Instagram and the Red Carpet, many of the world’s superstars can be found scrounging around at local thrift stores and vintage clothing stores. Here are some of our favourite celebrities that LOVE to thrift just like us!

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker Divorce TV Show

Yes! The fashion queen herself is no stranger to the thrifting lifestyle. While her Sex in the City persona Carrie Bradshaw might have you believe that she only shops at the most exclusive boutiques in town, in reality, Parker is an avid thrifter.

Parker explains that she loves finding unique vintage items to fill her wardrobe and feels like she is going on a treasure hunt whenever she’s in a thrift store. If this fashion icon can deliver stunning outfits from thrifted pieces, then anyone can (and should)!



Macklemore in Golf Clothes

Can you believe it’s been 10 years since Macklemore released Thrift Store?! In reality, Macklemore has been a fan of thrift stores for years. As an up-and-coming musician with barely any money to his name, Macklemore depended on vintage clothing stores to build a unique and memorable style early on.

Since then, the world-famous musician has lived up to his reputation and continues to frequent vintage clothing stores for his wardrobe. If Macklemore can become a style icon on a budget, so can you!

Zooey Deschanel


Vintage Clothing Blog | Vintage Wedding Dresses | Salvage Life: ZOOEY  DESCHANEL

Whether you’ve watched her prance around in vintage floral dresses in New Girl or simply strutting on the Red Carpet, you’ve likely noticed Zooey Deschanel’s extraordinary taste in vintage clothing.

Reviewing Deschanel’s outfits is like taking a masterclass in blending vintage styles with a modern twist. Deschanel serves as the perfect inspiration for anyone trying to bring old styles and looks into the 21st century.



Lorde's Style

Another pop icon that you can find strutting through your local thrift store is none other than Lorde. The music sensation says she loves the process of exploring vintage clothing stores as it feels more intentional than going to luxury boutiques or ordering clothes online.

While Lorde has reached incredible levels of fame, the musician still feels inclined to shop at local and online thrift stores because she can’t say no to a good deal.

Jada Pinkett Smith


32 Fashion Queen - Jada Pinkett-Smith ideas | jada pinkett smith, jada,  fashion

Jada has been witnessed touring vintage clothing stores all over LA in recent years. Often browsing thrift stores with her daughter Willow Smith, Jada is a longtime believer in the value of vintage clothing.

Looking at Jada’s wardrobe, there’s no doubt you’ll find a wide selection of high-end pieces, but you’ll also find just as many funky clothing options that she says she can only find at her favourite thrift stores.

Drew Barrymore


Drew Barrymore Show March 2022 Fashion, Clothes, Style and Wardrobe worn on  TV Shows | Shop Your TV

With Drew Barrymore’s contagious optimism and forever smile, she is a beacon of confidence no matter what she wears. That’s why even on her talk show, you can find Barrymore rocking incredibly thrifted pieces that you wouldn’t even know came from a vintage clothing store.

Barrymore is a lifelong fan of the thrift store experience. She explains how she loves digging through piles of clothes, looking for vintage treasures. Not only does she thrift for herself, but Barrymore says she loves buying thrift store clothes for her kids as well!

Nikki Reed


Nikki Reed Sitting on a Rock

If you’re looking for vintage accessory inspiration, then look no further than Nikki Reed’s Instagram. Reed is a pro when it comes to upcycling vintage jewelry and retro denim jeans.

Reed says her love for vintage accessories was inspired by wanting to help the environment. If you’re looking to rock some vintage accessories and help the earth this season, then look no further than Nikki Reed.



33 Miguel Style ideas | style, miguel singer, singer

Although Miguel's an international R&B icon, his wardrobe approach steers clear of industry norms. Rather than trying to rock the newest Gucci slides or Louis Vuitton jacket, Miguel prefers to thrift his clothes.

The R&B singer explains that vintage clothes come off as more interesting and have more character. He enjoys feeling like he’s wearing a piece of history rather than just a big price tag.

Dress Like the Stars!

Creating a wardrobe like your favourite movie stars, singers, and pop icons doesn’t have to break the bank. With vintage clothing stores like Vibn Vintage, you can easily create celebrity-level outfits for a fraction of the cost!

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I love how celebrities are able to mix one of a kind vintage finds with everyday wear to create a unique style! I didn’t know so many celebrities still thrift, that’s amazing!

I love how celebrities are able to mix one of a kind vintage finds with everyday wear to create a unique style! I didn’t know so many celebrities still thrift, that’s amazing!

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