Popular Brands You Should Thrift This Season

Popular Brands You Should Thrift This Season

Finding shopping online for popular brands like Nike and Adidas to be too expensive? Thrifting these brands is a great way to save money and flex vintage looks that no one else has!

Are you looking to wear popular clothing brands but can’t choose between a new Nike pullover and a tank of gas? Well, have you considered thrifting your clothes?

As all of us continue to online shop in between work shifts and zoom calls, one thing is clear; popular brands have become incredibly expensive. And the only thing worse after pulling the trigger on a $100 jacket is seeing the same jacket on someone else during your night out.

Thrifting for popular brands has become the secret ingredient for fashion vloggers, influencers, and trend setters. By shopping at curated thrift stores like Vibn Vintage, you can shop hundreds of looks from dozens of top brands like Nike, Adidas, Champion, and more! 

Rather than blowing your weekly budget on clothes alone, try checking out vintage items from these famous brands and save yourself some margarita money to celebrate!


Nike has been one of the most colourful, diverse, and iconic brands across the world for more than 50 years. With thousands of special looks, dazzling colour palettes, and team sponsorships, there is an endless supply of cool retro Nike gear at Vibn Vintage.

Some Nike classics that everyone should consider are the colourful 80’s style windbreakers or even a pair of equally colourful gym shorts. For bonus points, try finding retro Nike apparel for your favourite team and their rep old logo for a one of a kind look.


Looking for oversized sports jackets with loud colours and vintage logos? If you are, you better think about NASCAR merch.

When it comes to vintage clothing, NASCAR takes first place when it comes to loud graphic tees that feel like they were shot out of a canon. With decades of windbreakers, jackets, and tees, NASCAR fans will have lots of luck when thrifting for their favourite racing team apparel.

Harley Davidson

It’s no wonder that one of the toughest brands in America has made some iconic clothing over the years. While Harley Davidson leather jackets are synonymous with “guy you don’t look at the wrong way”, the Harley Davidson brand has created hundreds of awesome graphic tees, denim jackets, and more. 

If you’re feeling classic, you can’t go wrong with sporting a black and orange tee with some roughed-up denim jeans. However, for the die-hard Harley fans, you must check out some of the more unique merch like Harley Davidson windbreakers, denim jackets, and specialty tees.


Everyone, and we mean, everyone, loves Disney. While Disney adults are a special breed of humans, there is absolutely nothing wrong with repping some Disney merch out and about.

Want to show how retro you are? Maybe you should check out one of the hundreds of park- or event-specific hoodies. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll find rare items like a Disney Paris pullover or a Tower of Terror T-shirt. Whatever it is, nothing shows that you can rock old-school cool like vintage Disney merch.


Just like Nike, Adidas has been an iconic brand for decades. Thousands of artists over the years have come together to create the Adidas look that has transcended generations to where grandparents and grandkids can all be seen in a classic three-striped tracksuit.  

With so much merch comes styles, colours, and fabrics that can fit anyone. From lavender windbreakers to neon track pants, Adidas has created a piece of clothing to fit almost any occasion. With most new Adidas items now costing $100+, vintage Adidas allows people to enjoy the same classic looks for a more affordable price.


With summer always around the corner, you should always have one yacht-themed outfit ready to go. One brand that has been serving up bright and stylish boat gear is Nautica.

Nautica is the choice brand for any boat party or Hamptons getaway. While Nautica has an impressive lineup of vintage jackets at many thrift stores, the prize item is definitely their swim trunks. For years, Nautica has created some of the most fun and colourful swimwear to hit shelves has is a great thrift find when shopping at Vibn Vintage.


While Champion might not be your favourite, it was definitely your parents’ favourite. Champion has been making team jerseys and athletic clothing for decades and has some of the most comfortable, oversized clothing in the business.

With everything from fleece vests, team jerseys, and the perfect pair of sweatpants, Champion has become a popular brand for diehard thrifters. When it comes to vintage athlete looks from your favourite movies like Rocky, try searching for champion apparel at the next vintage clothing store.

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Love me a good Harley biker tee :p Can’t wait to see what comes in stock this summer on Vibn!

Love me a good Harley biker tee :p Can’t wait to see what comes in stock this summer on Vibn!

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