Favourite Fall Outfits from your Local Vintage Clothing Store

Favourite Fall Outfits from your Local Vintage Clothing Store

Check out your local vintage clothing store to create your favourite fall outfits!

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Do you smell that in the air? Yes, it’s pumpkin spice season, and we’re officially in autumn! 

Fall is the best time of year to show off your inner fashionista. The summer heat finally breaks away and lets you bring back layers, flannels, jackets, and more. While fall is filled with brisk air and changing colours, it’s not too cold out where you must hide all your favourite pieces under oversized jackets and scarves.

As the leaves start changing, it’s time to change your wardrobe and show off your favourite pieces. Before heading to the pumpkin patch or Friendsgiving dinner, here are a few fall outfits you should definitely check out from your favourite vintage clothing store.

Leather Jackets

 man in leather jacket

You can thank the Fonz and Danny Zuko for making Leather Jackets forever cool. Leather jackets are versatile pieces that can work with several outfits and occasions. For instance, you can wear leather jackets dressed down in a plain tee and denim jeans, or dressed up with a skirt and blouse for an old-school rocker look.

Quality leather jackets can cost $300+, with many luxury brands costing $1,000 or more. Fortunately, leather jackets are one of the most shopped items at vintage clothing stores. Usually, shoppers can find racks loaded with forgotten leather jackets waiting for the right person to find them. With a little TLC, thrifted leather jackets can look good as new!

Knit Vests

Woman in knit vest

During the pandemic, many people found themselves grabbing for crochet needles to fight off quarantine boredom. As a result, knit clothing and crochet pieces have become vogue once again.

The highlight of this trend has been the abundance of knit vests. Knit vests are a great way to copy the best parts of your grandparent’s wardrobe, paired with a bit of prep-school chic. There are two types of knit vests that seem to be popular at the moment. First the oversized grandpa knit vest that’s perfect for the similarly oversized dress shirt. The second is slim-fit knit vests that pair perfectly with patterned blouses.

Retro Blazers 

stylish blazer on woman model

Another super versatile piece of clothing is vintage blazers. Oversized blazers are great for replicating your favourite 80s and 90s looks (think Chandler Bing). IG models have lots of fun pairing retro blazers with cycling pants, pleated skirts, jeans and crop tops.

Almost every vintage clothing store is bursting at the seams with vintage blazers. While plain-coloured blazers are a classic, patterned sports coats are perfect for achieving that ivy-league professor look that gives a chef’s kiss to fall fashion.

Denim, Denim, Denim 

woman in jean jacket and jeans

Were Canadian tuxedos ever out of style? Save that debate for later, but there’s little doubt that denim is back in business. Don’t just stop at denim pants; denim jackets, shirts, overalls, and accessories are becoming a cool-weather favourite.

New denim clothes are far from the high-quality denim of the 70s and 80s. While new denim is a bit more forgiving around the waistline, vintage denim clothing is known to last years and has an unforgettable look.  

Flannels Forever

flannel clothing

Who doesn’t love a fall flannel? Since the dawn of pumpkin spice, flannels have been core to fall wardrobes for everyone, everywhere. Like denim, new flannels are a bit more forgiving, but they won’t stand the test of time like vintage flannels.

Vintage stores are usually filled to the brim with vintage flannels. While some vintage flannels may need some TLC before wearing to the pumpkin patch, they offer an affordable way to achieve numerous fall looks. Vintage flannels are known to have some unique features like pearl buttons, leather elbow patches, and wool lining, so be sure to keep your eyes open for those hidden gems.

Vintage Trench Coats

fall trench coat fashion

Vintage trench coats are another item that can be easily found at most thrift stores. Trench coats are a great piece of clothing because they’re practical and fashionable. One of the best parts about trench coats is that their form has barely changed over the years. That means your favourite luxury trench coats are likely identical to the ones found at your local vintage clothing store.

Trench coats can be paired with nearly any fall outfit. If you want to spice things up, try looking for trench coats in unique colours like pastels or fall colours.

Vintage Clothing Stores Should Always Be Your First Option

Whether you’re looking to save a few bucks or cut back on fast-fashion purchases, vintage clothing stores offer an affordable way to achieve fashionable looks from any decade. Before heading to the big box retailers like everyone else, check out your favourite vintage clothing store for hidden gems to make your wardrobe one of a kind this pumpkin spice season.

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Gauri Gupta

Gauri Gupta

so so excited for the fall season! i’m going to keep my eyes peeled on ur website for a trench coat 👀

so so excited for the fall season! i’m going to keep my eyes peeled on ur website for a trench coat 👀

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